phenox GmbH participates in „Girls Day“


The „Girls and Boys Day“ takes place once a year throughout the whole nation. Its goal is to set off traditional role models by showing young students careers that are considered „typical“ for the other gender. Thus, many young boys spend the day in i.e. Kindergarden, to get to know the occupation of an educator. Girls on the other side get to know those occupations, where male employees make up the bigger part of the staff. Those are jobs in the IT-sector, work on a construction site or technical occupations. In order to this, phenox welcomed 12-year old Julia in the company on Girls Day. The young student spent the day in different departments such as production, development or marketing. She was able to retrace the different steps each product is going through from the development of new ideas until the sales of the finished product. At the production department, Julia observed how employees manufactured the tiny phenox products by using microscopes. The possibility to test those products on models followed in the department of development. Finally, Julia got some insights in marketing, the primary port to the customers. Throughout the day, she got an impression of the different departments. “We are more than happy to be having the opportunity to offer young people an insight on the sector of medical technology and the profession of engineering on Girls Day. At phenox the percentage of women is above 50% in technical professions, which makes us especially proud. The fact that Julia is visiting the Graf-Engelbert-Gymnasium, just like I did, is a great commonality.” Says phenox CEO and managing partner Dr.-Ing. Hermann Monstadt who is planning to give young people insights at the phenox company site again next year.

Photo: Julia in the marketing department on Grisl Day 2018. Photo: Enis Sabotic