pRESET  Thrombectomy Device


The phenox pRESET product line with its innovative proximal closed "ring" design and the helically shaped slit facilitates the safe and effective treatment of ischemic stroke.  The closed “ring” design ensures a stable opening, reduces tapering when withdrawn and provides optimized distribution of radial force.


  • pRESET 4-20 and 6-30 for large thrombus load in carotid “T” and proximal MCA occlusions
  • pRESET LITE 4-20 and 3-20 for treatment of distal MCA occlusions
  • Proven safety and efficacy with excellent long-term outcome
  • Unique proximal “ring” design and helical slit provide balanced radial force distribution
  • Close apposition to the vessel wall during the entire retrieval process

When Time is Critical... Choose from the broadest range of devices for acute ischemic stroke.




In General:
Tapering of proximal device end due to instrument elongation
when retrieving the thrombus

Less tapering results from a stable proximal opening
due to a closed "ring"- design

Less tapering results from…

...a stable proximal opening due to a closed "ring"- design


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