pORTAL  Hydrophilic Steerable Guidewire


Optimal torque and trackability - Because cerebral anatomy is never the same  

  • ASACOR technology for max. torque transmission
  • Dock-extendable
  • Atraumatic tip provides enhanced safety
  • Refined hydrophilic coating for lower vessel friction
  • Seamless transition zones for advanced navigability
  • Minimized "whip effect" and more kink resistance due to proprietary core alloy

Maximized torsional moment transmission (1:1 torque) is achieved by using a proprietary core wire alloy material and a highly lubricious hydrophilic coating.



Minimized wave form in torque response curve indicates lower "whip effect" (jumping of distal section when rotating the wire).

pORTAL's core wire is made of the "next generation" super-alloy ASACOR designed to optimize performance in complex cases demanding the ultimate balance between support, flexibility and navigability.


ASACOR elongates less at the same axial force, which results in 26% more kink resistance than stainless steel.

Torque Transmission & ASACOR Technology


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