p48 MW  Flow Modulation Device

The p48 MW Flow Modulation Device comprises the latest technological advances in the field of neurovascular aneurysm treatment. 48 drawn filled tubing (DFT) wires form a fully visible braided mesh to combine the radiopacity of platinum with the superelastic deformability of nitinol.

Extending the concept of flow diversion to distal anatomies means operating in an even more sensitive environment. Thus, the p48 MW is compatible with 0.021′′ microcatheters and provides a movable inner distal wire enabling enhanced safety during neurovascular interventions.



  • Platinum filled DFT wires provide full visibility

  • Independently movable wire for enhanced safety

  • Compatible with 0.021′′ microcatheter*

  • Designed for treatment of distal anatomies with vessel diameters from 1.75 mm to 3 mm


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